Tefl 120 hour online course answers

Check out Tesolcourse. This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:. There were some confusing points, and I don't find it fair how some of the questions are purposefully messing with word play so I am unable to get the answers right. I understand it is used to maintain a decent grade ratio however it is something I have a lot of problems with.

I think this was an interesting unit and I learned quite a bit. I look forward to the future lessons. Email Address.

tefl 120 hour online course answers

First Name. You may unsubscribe via the link found at the bottom of every email. See our Email Privacy Policy for details. Emails are serviced by Constant Contact. So confident are we in the quality and value of our courses, that if you are not fully satisfied with the service or product that you receive, then we will refund your payment with no questions asked. Please note that the refund request must be made within 3 days of submitting your online course payment.

Combined Courses Best of both worlds. Online course combined with 2 weeks practical training. Specialized Courses Courses in teaching Business English and teaching young learners. Home Back Top. Thanks for signing up! TEFL Community. Join Us. Online Courses - Money back guarantee So confident are we in the quality and value of our courses, that if you are not fully satisfied with the service or product that you receive, then we will refund your payment with no questions asked.

Contact Us Chat with our team or leave a message! Close Check out our Facebook page! All locations. All Combined Courses.Enjoying your course? Click here to get started. The course will explore different aspects and requirements to Teach English as a Foreign Language. Module 2 Understanding Lesson planning What is the lesson plan?

What are its components? And how to build one? This module will teach you what you need to know about lesson planning. Unit 1 Understanding lesson planning Unit 2 Components of a lesson plan Unit 3 Example of a lesson plan. Module 3 Duties of a skilled EFL teacher This module will guide you and provide the necessary information you need to be a skilled EFL teacher, what is is that you should do and how exactly you should start?

Unit 1 Organising the board Unit 2 Grammar skills and the ability to explain grammar simply. Module 4 Teaching skills Int his module you will learn how to teach students different types of language skills including pronunciation, writing and reading. Module 5 Discipline and Motivation This module helps you to learn valuable skills such as dealing with students in the class, how to encourage students, motivate and discipline them.

Module 6 Education and Entertainment Learn how to keep students engaged, active and interested? Entertainment in education may be the answer! But how can you add entertainment to education? This module will provide further information on how to do this. Unit 1 Games and activities Unit 2 Entertainment and education. Module 7 Business English Teaching business English? What do you need to know?

tefl 120 hour online course answers

How do you do it? What is the difference? This module will cover everything you need to know. Module 8 First Day Scenario The first day can be tough, this module will help you to learn how to make the most of your first day, learn different tactics and strategies that will make your first day your best day!Teach abroad or online with our hour TEFL course, combining online study with a hands-on practical weekend course.

Get the best of both worlds with our hour TEFL course and combine flexible online learning with a hands-on practical weekend course.

Work your way through the online course at your own pace and join some of your fellow TEFL students in the classroom for a fun-packed, confidence-boosting weekend led by one of our highly experienced and qualified tutors.

This course has been developed by seasoned EFL teachers to set you up with the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to start teaching English as a foreign language for the first time. Learn to teach, from teachers. There are no hidden fees with us — everything you need, from the course materials to a hard copy of your certificate, is included in the price. Our classroom courses are subject to availability and can fill up quickly, so book now to avoid disappointment! Our courses are flexible and designed to work around you.

You will have immediate access to your online courses from the date of purchase so you can start your studies the same day.

Online TEFL course assignments

We recommend completing the online modules in the order outlined, starting with the Grammar and Language Awareness module. The weekend classroom course can be taken at the beginning, middle or end of your studies. You will receive one certificate on completion of all the modules included on the hour TEFL Course both classroom and online. Along with your TEFL certificate, you will also receive a letter of reference from your classroom course tutor. Just state on your application that you are currently enrolled on a TEFL course with us and provide an expected completion date.

Secure payments with:. To view pricing and book our hour TEFL course please select your location and dates below:. Our 20 hour weekend classroom course will give you the foundation understanding of teaching English as a foreign language.

Combine hours of flexible online study with a hour weekend course with our hour Premier TEFL course.

TEFL Online Courses: What To Expect

Offer ends 13th April. Combine classroom and flexible online study. Learn directly from experienced EFL teachers. Internationally recognised qualification.

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Confounded by conditionals? Your personal tutor will help you perfect your own lesson plans based on the activities observed in our video lessons. A must-have document that can help speed up your employment search. They will quickly get to know you and how you work and provide encouragement and practical advice throughout your studies.

TEFL Org certificate A widely-recognised certificate posted straight to your door which shows your achievements on our course; something you can show to TEFL employers to secure you a job. FAQs Q.

Successfully added to cart. Book course now. View Options. Internationally accredited and market leading TEFL course provider. X Simply enter your text below and press enter to search:.

Are you from the US?Our hour course is one of our most popular online courses as it provides you with the highest quality instruction and an online TEFL certificate that is recognized around the world. One of the many reasons why this course is so popular is that it can be completed at your own pace, which means that you can organize your study around your own personal circumstances.

ITTT also provides an ongoing career support system after you have completed your certification. Once you have officially enrolled on the hour course, you will receive an email containing the log-in details you will need to gain access to your personal, restricted area of our online training course system. From this system you will be able to start studying your course materials either online or by downloading them to your personal computer.

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After you have completed your studies for the first unit, your understanding of the materials will be assessed before you move on to study the next unit. Once all units have been completed you will be required to complete a final lesson planning task. When the lesson plan has been reviewed and accepted, you will graduate and receive your hour online TEFL certificate.

If you decide to take the tutored option you will receive ongoing support and assistance from our experienced online tutors throughout the length of the course. At any time during your studies you will be able to contact an experienced online tutor with any questions or problems you may have.

The tutor will then respond to your queries via email within one working day. Upon completion of the course you should have gained a thorough understanding of the main English grammar structures, as well as many skills and techniques that will help you to prepare and successfully deliver English language lessons in the classroom.

Our hour course includes subjects that can be divided into two distinct areas. Around half of the course content looks at subjects related to the teaching skills that you will need in the classroom; these include teaching theories and methodologies, classroom management, lesson planning and how to test and evaluate the progress of your students.

The rest of the course content looks at the subject of language awareness and includes grammar issues such as the parts of speech and the tense system, as well as other important subjects such as pronunciation.

All of these important subject areas have been organized into twenty individual units that are designed to gradually build your understanding, without overwhelming you with information.

Due to this practical structure, you should be able work your way through the course materials at whatever pace you prefer. The course is designed to give you the greatest amount of flexibility possible.

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You are given up to six months to complete the course, within this time frame you are free to work at whatever pace you like. As well as the high-quality written materials that you receive with this course, our tutored version also includes a series of informative video lectures presented by our experienced TEFL trainers. This convenient mix of video and written material provides comprehensive instruction on the theory and practice of EFL teaching, aimed at both novice teachers and those with more experience.

The subjects covered in the videos for this course include:. On completion of the hour TEFL course, we are committed to providing all the reasonable assistance we can to help you find employment.

Our support services include:. Enrol on our hour online TEFL certificate course with tutor support by the end of this month and an extra specialized certificate course will by yours at no extra cost. Please complete the fields marked red to submit your application successfully. Do you want to be contacted to receive more information? Fill out the form, a member of our staff will contact you by phone.

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More info. If you think an online course could be the right option for you, our top tips guide to taking an online TEFL course is a must-read!Offer ends: Friday 17th April. Itchy feet? Access the modules anytime, anyplace from your tablet, computer, or phone.

Dip in and out to fit it in around your existing job or university studies. Ofqual-regulated TEFL training. A mark of quality employers will recognise — making you super employable. Check out your shiny certificate here. I is a pleasure to work with you. Thanks to a great team of people. Regards Hermann. Oh my goodness, this course has certainly got me going!

A journey that's already mind blowing I'm not a spring chicken but up for the challenge, in more ways than one!

Start Learning Today!

Here goes, its lockdown I have really enjoyed doing this course. It has taught me to prepare a lesson plan that learners can benefit from and prepared me for the classroom environment. I recommend this course to anyone that It's been great, user interface is very accessible, and the notes are complete. First of all, I would like to say many thanks to the customer support team.

They always guided me from time to time whenever I asked about my queries. Also, many thanks to Victoria, Emily John for ta Jill, my hero of the day through this stressful time of covid - Speedy responses, clear and understandable responses.

I am very excited to pick up where I left off with my course and knowing tha I was petrified when I experienced a technical difficulty and was extremely relieved to find that Emily John went over and beyond expected to assist me. She took her time explaining all of my queries Many thanks for great help and service from Daniel Taylor. Very professional, cheerful and knowledgeable.

I am very happy with the support I received from Michael Wolfe. Many thanks! Can hig Want to teach English online?

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Find out how much you could earn with our quick quiz.This TEFL certificate is your answer to the question:. The hour course enables you to learn and demonstrate the key skills of teaching, English as a second language. The Course will provide you with modern teacher training, and upon completion of the final examination, globally recognized international TEFL Certification.

We look forward to you completing this course and obtaining you very own, globally recognized international TEFL Certification: the first step to a new career, new journeys, and new adventures and hopefully a bit of money too. TEFL certification does not need to take a long time.

This course has been designed for those whom require an expedited TEFL certification process. Professional Certificate Direct provides an opportunity for those whom already understand how to teach English as a second language, to get certified, FAST. This course was designed for those whom have already taken part in English language teaching or teacher training, and are looking for a fast way to certify their acquired skills. The course quickly covers all key areas necessary for understanding modern English as a second language teaching and allows you to directly test your skills and knowledge previously gained.

If you already have taken part in teacher training or English language teaching and you understand how to teach English as a second language, this fast and direct process is for you. Whatever your past experience or level of qualification, Professional Certificate Direct, is you fastest way to get your TEFL certificate and begin your new professional career, teaching English as a second language.

Login in Email. Recent Posts Idioms for idiots! Best debating topics in my ESL class so far…. Social Media Icons.Our recommended online-only course. We are a business of TEFL teachers which means we understand first-hand what an English as a foreign language EFL teacher needs to know and use our experience to make sure you are well equipped with the skills and confidence to start teaching English as a foreign language.

You will also be pleased to know that not only will the course guide you through the essentials of TESOL — from English grammar and classroom management to delivering specialist lessons like business English — you will also have a personal tutor assigned to you for the duration of the course to assist you on your TESOL journey, mark your work, and provide helpful feedback.

There are short quizzes and written assignments on the course so you can track your progress throughout, so no final scary exams. And you have 6 months to complete this course, with most of our students completing it within 10 to 12 weeks. Grammar and Language Awareness Module. English Language Teaching Methodology Module.

Video Observation Module. View Video Observation Module in more detail. Telephone Teaching Module. View Telephone Teaching Module in more detail. Teaching Large Classes Module. View Teaching Large Classes Module in more detail. When does the next online course start? You can start an online course on any day of the year.

Find the Answers to your TEFL Questions on these 2 Secret Sites!

How can I contact my online tutor? If you need help with any of the topics covered on the course or assignments, just send an email to your online tutor. Their contact information is on the email they send you welcoming you on to the course. Can I talk to other students on the course? Yes, of course!

tefl 120 hour online course answers

You will have access to a course discussion forum where you can chat with other students on the same course as you. You will also have access to our larger online student forum where you can share resources and find information on teaching English overseas. Is there a payment plan for course fees? We do not currently offer a payment plan for online TEFL course options.

Secure payments with:.


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